Why College Matters

Colleges broaden the world of students and expose them to a variety of topics that challenge the world today. Colleges also offer opportunities for students to specialize in certain topics and to go on to innovate and lead in their specific fields of study. College is also a perfect opportunity to network and develop lifelong friendships crucial to areas of business and academia. Colleges are a place to explore everything from art and business to sports and volunteer work.

Today, it is not a question of whether or not you should go to college. It is becoming increasingly apparent that most students who enter the labor force straight after high school have little or no chance to improve their earning potential. Many employers of higher income jobs are requiring a bachelor’s degree as a minimum, with prior experience recommended for applicants. Attending college can afford the opportunity to earn a degree that is becoming more necessary in an increasingly competitive job market. Many employers also  look for internships as assurance of prior experience.

Employers also look at a college diploma as confirmation that applicants possess the discipline to learn the aspects of a job or field that is dynamic, such as technology and investing. In the job force of today, many people are changing their majors and careers four or five times during their lives. The idea that someone will have only one career for their life and then retire is becoming an outdated model in today’s society. A college degree assures employers that applicants have a broad base of understanding that enables them to adapt quickly to changes within the infrastructure of the industries themselves.

In the end, college is an experience that enables students to make a bigger impact on the future world. Aside from monetary value ascribed to a college degree, there is also cultural and educational value in one. College degree holders are able to understand and engage with the world and their surroundings in a much more tangible way that someone who opts out of going to college. In the end, if given the choice, education is always a better option.